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"The New Suited" wins three new awards in Los Angeles

2012-01-13 08:11:52 by aniforce

'Sup everyone,

in August 2011 The New Suited won "Best Animation" on the International Television Festival in Lose Angeles.

But this just in, The New Suited won three awards in the LAMA (Los Angeles Movie Awards).

Award of Excellence
Best animated characters
Best voice over (Eddie Bowley)

You can view the film here on Newgrounds! But is also available on http://www.thenewsuited.com/

Also, check out Eddie Bowley's portfolio who won Best Voice Over!


Niels Beekes

"The New Suited" wins three new awards in Los Angeles


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2012-01-13 10:01:11



2012-01-13 10:24:30


Also it is going to be a series?

aniforce responds:

Hope so! We're working on more scripts


2012-01-13 13:11:14

Congratulations Niels!

aniforce responds:

Thanks mate!


2012-01-13 17:34:54

Great job mate! Now we can work on Jeff the Dinosaur hahaha.

aniforce responds:

Haha yea that still has potential! I haven't forgotten about it, don't worry :)


2012-01-13 17:40:30

Bark up a tree was very good, you should do frame by frame more often.

aniforce responds:

Oh yes I'd love to. for the new suited that was a little impossible though. but thank you. Making Bark Up A Tree was a lot of fun


2012-01-13 19:15:32

You deserved those awards! I remember how long it took to put together. Ja get any prize money... I know the dollar's worthless 'n all, but it's the paper that counts.